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The premier revenue growth advisory platform, by expert operators, for expert operators

World-class advisory services for GTM Leaders. Staffed by expert operators. Execution at speed. Dedicated partner model. Annual Planning Support, Mystery Shopping, On-Demand Benchmarking, and more.

Why do growth leaders choose SBI’s Revenue Growth Advisory Services?

Revenue growth is an always-on activity, yet many companies only seek external support for transformative events. Every day key decisions get made, initiatives are advanced, and tremendous growth implications rest on those decisions. While such decisions don't require consulting, they do require data, proven practices, and objectivity. That’s why SBI created Revenue Growth Advisory Support advisory services.

Assess Revenue Growth Maturity

Determine revenue growth maturity across all key dimensions with SBI’s maturity model and assessments.

Advance your Revenue Growth Initiatives Rapidly

Partner with a dedicated advisor to rapidly accelerate your most critical growth initiatives, cross-functional projects, and revenue growth planning.

Compare Business Performance and Structure with Benchmarks

Assess commercial health and organizational dynamics against true peer benchmarks.

What is Revenue Growth Support?

SBI’s Revenue Growth Support services are an advisory model, offering the very best of SBI’s data, benchmarks, frameworks, insights, and access to our world-class expert-operators, within a lower touch advisory model. Our advisory team supports clients against all key initiatives including, but not limited to:
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Account Segmentation

Make data driven business decisions with a bottoms-up account segmentation model that prioritizes a company’s accounts (customers, prospects, and opportunities) based on their propensity-to-buy and potential spend.

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Annual Revenue Planning

Build a revenue plan and select the strategic “bets” that ensure success. Understand what best-in-class execution looks like including executive meeting cadence and KPI tracking.

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Coverage & Organizational Design

Evaluate your market coverage and create an optimal organization design that enables you to serve the needs of your customers while optimizing customer acquisition cost (CAC) and CLTV.

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Quota Setting

Set simple and data-driven quotas using the account segmentation model. Communicate quotas using best in class messaging and tools to the field. Ensure field buy-in by providing a path to obtain quotas.

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Territory Design

Set clearly defined sales team territories using the account segmentation model. Determine equitable and meaningful territories using territory potential spend vs. historical spend.

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Compensation Design

Develop ideal compensation plans by assessing and modeling current state plans and administer a new field compensation plan using industry best practices.

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Buyer Segmentation

Define critical buyer behaviors and pain points, triggers, customer journeys, and decision-making power across a limited set of customer personas. Guidance on roll out and application through the organization.

Revenue Marketing

Determine marketing investments with the greatest impact and coordinate customer buying journeys, the sales motion, account expansion and retention efforts through market channels.

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Customer Success Management

Assess opportunities to create scalable, repeatable, and efficient retention motions centered on proactive engagement patterns, playbooks, and value messaging.

GTM Talent

Determine the skills and competencies that drive "A Player" contributions spanning front line talent, leadership, and commercial support roles.

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What's different about Revenue Growth Support?

SBI’s Revenue Growth Support advisory services are designed by expert operators for expert operators, prioritizing speed and practical guidance.

SBI’s proven growth methodologies, hardened in the field across thousands of engagements rest at the center of our model.

On-demand access to world-class insights, data, and experts ensures board-ready, objective, and trustworthy advice.

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